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26. July through Winter (2019)

Kennewick, WA 99336
79' x 89' (24m x 27m)
Possible Fall and Winter Garden in established raised bed with hoops for shade and 'greenhouse' heat as needed.

27. nguyen hai hiep (2019)

nguyen hai hiep
41' x 19' (12m x 5m)

28. House - 3 Beds (2019)

49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
Our garden!

29. Mary's MN Potager (2019)

Northfield, MN
89' x 83' (27m x 25m)
My garden has developed over many years to complement our traditional Midwest Foursquare house, which is basically a square but also contains elements of assymetry. We have spent 35 years completely renovating this house, which is now over 100 years old. In my garden, I wanted to coomplement the geometry and symmetry of the house by using a circular form for the yard and elements of symmetry in the foundation plantings on the west side, but also add elements of assymetry. My garden has also been inspired by the Amish gardens I have seen in Indiana, which combine vegetables and flowers, as well as the French potager. Since we live on a corner, with an alley on a third side one of my goals is to make my garden both productive and beautiful from all angles. I am also committed to ecological principles such as limiting the amount of grass, planting more and more edible crops, and using non-chemical treatments against diseases, as well as composting to improve the soil. Part of the reason I have included so many flowers is to encourage pollinators. I am using the garden planner to facilitate crop rotation and to help me plan my expansion of my garden for 2020. I love my garden, and there is no place I would rather be in the summer!

30. Backyard (2020)

Zone 8b
39' x 19' (12m x 6m)
Backyard vegetable garden.

31. Fall Garden (2019)

Loris, SC
39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
A Large Family Vegetable Garden

32. Steve Weinreich (2022)

29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
Steve Weinreich

33. Janna Cantwell (2022)

29' x 14' (9m x 4m)
Janna Cantwell

34. 1035 Backyard (2019)

1035 South Van Backyard
14' x 19' (4m x 6m)
A classic California small backyard garden

35. Bryn Mawr (2019)

front yard
43' x 59' (13m x 18m)

36. Butterfly garden (2019)

47' x 16' (14m x 5m)
Butterfly Garden

37. Anita's Vertical Soul Food Garden and Farm (2019)

Kalamazoo Mi
35' x 24' (10m x 7m)
Anita's Vertical Soul Food Garden

38. Benefers Allotment 1284 (2019)

Kings Lynn Norfolk
85' x 26' (26m x 8m)
Our First Allotment Layout 2019

39. West side yard garden (2019)

Riverside, RI
34' x 49' (10m x 15m)
Side yard, raised beds

40. VEGGIES (2019)

19' x 30' (6m x 9m)
Summer and Fall Veggies in Fallon,Nevada

41. Potato Plot (2020)

Belleville, MI 48111
19' x 39' (6m x 12m)
Planting guide for 2019, anything that the deer won't eat.

42. Red's Community Garden Plot Final (2019)

Boulder, CO
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
Community Garden plot

43. Caritas Manila (2019)

65' x 65' (20m x 20m)

44. Fair Cove (2019)

21' x 7' (6m x 2m)
Raised bed terracing

45. Mons (2019)

32' x 5' (10m x 1m)
New Veggie Garden 10m x 1.6m

46. front yard veggie garden fall (2019)

Front Yard Main Veggies Fall
55' x 19' (17m x 6m)
Fall garden veggies for small farm

47. Back Yard (2019)

Portland, Maine
45' x 23' (14m x 7m)
Just squeezing a few test vegetables into my back yard to experiment with.

48. 9A Rodney Road (2019)

Auckland New Zealand
53' x 17' (16m x 5m)
Small front garden

49. Garden No. 1 (2019)

979 Quail Ridge Court, Keller, TX 76248
39' x 29' (12m x 9m)
1/4 family, vegetable and herb garden...3/4 spinach market garden.

50. Kitchen Garden (2019)

South Africa JHB
75' x 42' (23m x 13m)
Cummunity Educational Garden